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    David Brownell <david-b@pacbell.net>: · 14f88aca
    zwelch authored
    Fix some polling issues:
     - Don't background-poll disabled TAPs ... this was just a bug
       waiting to happen.  (And then it happened!)
     - Don't fail command line polls of disabled taps; that's not any
       kind of error, it's just that you can't do much.  But do show
       that tap-disabled status.
     - Spell "continuous" correctly in the variable name.  ;)
    Not resolved by this patch:  the need for an interlock whereby
    other code (like the JTAG layer) can block all other access to
    the JTAG layer, e.g. while enabling or disabling TAPs.  And
    that interlock needs to be timer-safe...
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