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    - "flash write_binary" is now "flash write_bank" to clarify the focus of the
     command and reduce confusion with "flash write_image".
    - retired deprecated "flash erase" & "flash write".
    - added flash_driver_protect/write/erase() that are wafer thin frontend
     functions to low level driver functions. They implement checks
     that were inconsistently handled by the drivers, e.g. check for
     target halted was done in a spotty fashion.
    - use return ERROR_COMMAND_SYNTAX_ERROR to print out
     syntax of command instead of having lots of inlined replicas of
     the command line syntax(some of which were wrong).
    - use logging instead of dubious translation of error values to
     human understandable explanations of why things failed.
     The lower levels log the precise reason and the higher
     levels can ammend context as the error propagates up
     the call stack.
    - simplified flash API slightly with logging instead of
     allocating and returning information that the caller then
     has to translate into print statements.
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