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    David Brownell <david-b@pacbell.net>: · a0c10dd2
    zwelch authored
    Extend the internal JTAG event handlers to cover enable/disable,
    and use those events to make sure that targets get "examined" if
    they were disabled when the scan chain was first set up:
     - Remove "enum jtag_tap_event", merge with "enum jtag_event",
       so C code can now listen for TAP enable/disable events.
     - Report those events so they can trigger callbacks.
     - During startup, make target_examine() register a handler to
       catch ENABLE events for any then-disabled targets.
    This fixes bugs like "can't halt target after enabling its TAP".
    One class of unresolved bugs:  if the target has an ETM hooked
    up to an ETB, nothing activates the ETB.  But starting up the
    ETM without access to the ETB registers fails...
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