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    fix(serial): Perform serial prints in a critical section · 32681478
    rahix authored
    Sometimes during initialization, one `log_msg()` intercepts another one,
    leading to a whole lot of weird issues in other modules (like I2C).  I
    suspect this to be memory corruption of some kind.  The issues can be
    fixed by performing serial prints in a critical section, thus ensuring
    atomicity of prints.  Note that this does not mean log messages will not
    The CDC-ACM and BLE-Serial writes cannot be put into a critical section
    and are thus a point where this code can still fail.  For now, however,
    this fix ensures the race-conditions during startup, where USB and BLE
    are not yet running, don't happen anymore.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRahix <rahix@rahix.de>