Linux script to transfer a file to a card10 via BLE

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I got tired of going in and out of USB mode to transfer scripts to the card10. I also didn't want to use the more or less reliable serial connection.

This script used bluepy to open a connection and uploads the file using the same mechanism that the apps are using.


  • Linux seems to always use the slowest allowed connection speed that the device offers. This severely limits data transmission speeds with the currently released firmware. It specifies a 1 second maximum connection interval, leading to one transaction every 2 seconds. Android apparently does not care about the announced connection interval...
  • Needs a pairing with the Linux machine. This can be done following the steps in Documentation/bluetooth/card10.rst.
  • Does only work under Linux as bluepy only support Linux.
  • Further documentation is missing

I'd like to merge this in it's current state.

Things to improve:

  • Abstract a file transfer away into a class.
  • Allow transmission of multiple files
  • Allow transmission of directories
  • Honor the --silent option
  • Offer pipenv with the requirements
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