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    Michael Bruck: · 4febcd83
    oharboe authored
    --- Added burst memory transfer mode
    This does not explicitly query command execution but rather uses a small
    delay produced by the FT2232 on certain TAP commands.
    A potential failure of this process is detected afterwards and the
    program terminates with an error.
    'arm11 memwrite burst disable'
      can be used to switch this feature off.
    'arm11 memwrite error_fatal disable'
      can be used to prevent the program to exit on an memory write error
    --- Added support for interrupt breaking via VCR register
    Use 'arm11 vcr' command to set.
    --- Cleaned up the handling of
    halt/resume/step/poll, target->state, target->debug_reason,
    target_call_event_callbacks() at least as far as I could guess the
    intended behaviour from other targets.
    Did some overall positive tests with GDB.
    --- Added support for breakpoints
    Hardware breakpoints only. All breakpoints will be treated as hardware
    All ARM11's seem to have at least 6 hardware breakpoints.
    --- Stepping over BKPT added
    Modification to PC without touching the target.
    --- Stepping over a B or BL to self will do nothing
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