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    target: MMU-aware init for memory read/write · 61af6a68
    David Brownell authored
    Start switching MMU handling over to a more sensible scheme.
    Having an mmu() method enables MMU-aware behaviors.  Not having
    one kicks in simpler ones, with no distinction between virtual
    and physical addresses.
    Currently only a handful of targets have methods to read/write
    physical memory:  just arm720, arm920, and arm926.  They should
    all initialize OK now, but the arm*20 parts don't do the "extra"
    stuff arm926 does (which should arguably be target-generic).
    Also simplify how target_init() loops over all targets by making
    it be a normal "for" loop, instead of scattering its three parts
    to the four winds.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Brownell <>