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    initial "transport" framework · 93f2afa4
    David Brownell authored
    This adds the guts of a transport framework with initialization,
    which should work with current JTAG-only configurations (tested
    with FT2232).
    Each debug adapter can declare the transports it supports, and
    exactly one transport is initialized.  (with its commands) in
    any given OpenOCD session.
      * Define a new "struct transport with init hooks and a few
     "transport"  subcommands to support it:
         "list" ... list the transports configured (just "jtag" for now)
         "select" ... makes the debug session use that transport
         "init" ... initializes the selected transport (internal)
      * "interface_transports" ... declares transports the current interface
        can support.  (Some will do this from C code instead, when there are
        no hardware versioning (or other) issues to prevent it.
    Plus some FT2232 tweaks, including a few to streamline upcoming
    support for an SWD transport (initially for Luminary adapters).
    Eventually src/jtag should probably become src/transport, moving
    jtag-specific stuff  to transport/jtag.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Brownell <db@helium.(none)>