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    Minor fixes to NAND code and docs · 9536577c
    dbrownell authored
    Erase logic:
     - command invocation
        + treat "nand erase N" (no offset/length) as "erase whole chip N"
        + catch a few more bogus parameter cases, like length == 0 (sigh)
     - nand_erase() should be static
     - on error
        + say which block failed, and if it was a bad block
        + don't give up after the first error; try to erase the rest
     - on success, say which nand device was erased (name isn't unique)
    Device list ("nand list"):
     - say how many blocks there are
     - split summary into two lines
     - give example in the docs
    Doc tweaks:
     - Use @option{...} for DaVinci's supported hardware ECC options
    For the record, I've observed that _sometimes_ erasing bad blocks causes
    failure reports, and that manufacturer bad block markers aren't always
    erasable (even when erasing their blocks doesn't trigger an error report).
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