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    oharboe authored
    - Work on fixing erase check. Many implementations are plain broken.
    Wrote a default flash erase check fn which uses CFI's target algorithm
    w/fallback to memory reads. 
    - "flash info" no longer prints erase status as it is stale. 
    - "flash erase_check" now prints erase status. erase check can take a 
    *long* time. Work in progress
    - arm7/9 with seperate srst & trst now supports reset init/halt
    after a power outage. arm7/9 no longer makes any assumptions
    about state of target when reset is asserted.
    - fixes for srst & trst capable arm7/9 with reset init/halt
    - prepare_reset_halt retired. This code needs to be inside
    assert_reset anyway
    - haven't been able to get stm32 write algorithm to work. Fallback
    flash write does work. Haven't found a version of openocd trunk
    where this works.
    - added target_free_all_working_areas_restore() which can
    let be of restoring backups. This is needed when asserting
    reset as the target must be assumed to be an unknown state.
    Added some comments to working areas API
    - str9 reset script fixes
    - some guidelines
    - fixed dangling callbacks upon reset timeout 
    git-svn-id: svn:// b42882b7-edfa-0310-969c-e2dbd0fdcd60