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    target: provide container_of() · db116b1e
    David Brownell authored
    Provide a cleaner way to handle single inheritance of targets
    in C, using the same model Linux does:  structs containing other
    structs, un-nested via calls to a "container_of()" macro that
    are packaged in typesafe inline functions.
    Targets already use this containment idiom, but make it much
    more complicated because they un-nest using embedded "void *"
    pointers ... in chains of up to five per target, which is all
    pure needless complication.  (Example: arm92x core, arm9tdmi,
    arm7_9, armv4_5 ... on top of the base "target" class.)
    Applying this scheme consistently simplifies things, and gets
    rid of many error-prone untyped pointers.  It won't change any
    part of the type model though -- it just simplifies things.
    (And facilitates more cleanup later on.)
    Rule of thumb:  where there's an X->arch_info void* pointer,
    access to that pointer can and should be removed.  It may be
    convenient to set up pointers to some of the embedded structs;
    and shrink their current "*_common" names (annoyingly long).
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Brownell <>