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    parport (mostly) doc fixes · ff647e6b
    David Brownell authored
    The "parport_port" commands generally don't *require* a port_number;
    they're of the "apply any parameter, then print result" variety.  Update
    the User's Guide accordingly.
    Some of those commands are intended to be write-once: parport_port,
    and parport_cable.  Say so.
    Use proper EBNF for the parport_write_on_exit parameter.
    Parport address 0xc8b8 is evidently mutant.  Say so in the "parport.cfg"
    file, to avoid breaking anyone with that mutant config.  But update the
    User's Guide to include a sane example for the LP2 port.
    Finally document the "presto_serial" command.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Brownell <>