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    feat(epicardium): Add core 1 lifecycle · b7c0b608
    rahix authored
    This commit introduces a lifecycle for core 1.  Based on the new loading
    system, a few APIs are made available to control the payload running on
    core 1.  These are:
    1. From core 1 (Pycardium, L0dable):
        - `epic_exec(name)` API Call:  Request loading of a new payload by
          name.  If the file does not exist, the call will return with an
          error code.  Otherwise, control will go to the new payload.
        - `epic_exit(retcode)` API Call:  Return from payload
          unconditionally.  This call should be called whenever a payload is
          done or when it has hit an unrecoverable error.  On `epic_exit`,
          Epicardium will reset the core back into the menu.
    2. From inside Epicardium:
        - `epic_exec(name)`: This is **not** the same as the API call, as it
          needs a different implementation underneath.  It will load a new
          payload and wait until this load actually completed (synchroneous).
        - `return_to_menu()`: Return core 1 to the menu script no matter
          what it is currently doing.  This call is asynchroneous and will
          return immediately after scheduling the lifecycle task.  This task
          will then take care of actually performing the load.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRahix <>