py,st3m: ViewManager: New features and improvements

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Several things I was missing while writing my apps that make app development easier, view handling more reliable and transitions prettier.

  • ViewManager: Allow to pop more views at once
  • ViewManager: Add is_active(view) method
  • BaseView: Add is_active method
  • ViewManager: Add transitioning property
  • View: Add on_{enter,exit}_done methods
  • ViewManager: Add direction property
  • ViewManager: Don't count the first think into transition time
  • ViewManager: Stop the transition after fully drawn
  • ViewManager: End previous transition when starting a new one
  • ViewManager: Move input handling after transition handling updates for bundled apps and components (MenuController, Application, gay drums, shoegaze, Worms, gr33nhouse and Mandelbrot) to make use of the new goodies.

See commit messages for details.

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